Tune Your Set-Up Anytime, Anywhere with Mr. Grippy and Ms. Tidy

Lightweight and Portable

Mr. Grippy takes up little space, and makes ski preparation easy; anywhere, anytime!

Multifunctional Tuning Vice

Maximized friction during ski prep. Sharpen steel edges, rinse, wax and adjust bindings.

Designed by Norwegians

Developed and tested in Norway’s arctic conditions.

Perfect For Any Set-Up

Works on cross-country skis, alpine skis, snowboards and anything in between.

Mr. Grippy

Made by HappyNorwegian™
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Takes up little space
  • Makes ski preparation easy; anywhere, anytime
  • Sharpen steel edges, rinse, wax and adjust bindings
  • Designed so you can work on two cross-contry skis at the same time
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